ATT losing tons of money by filtering residential ports/services

Awhile ago in Dec of 2008 I tried to sign up for the 6.0 FastAccess DSL plan that ATT was providing. I asked if they filtered specifically port 25 and everyone I spoke to (2 sales 1 technical employees) told me they do not filter any ports/services. So I decided to sign up.

Well after I changed all my configs to take the new ip's and new mail relay I noticed no one could send me email via port 25. After be re-routed over and over I finally found someone to tell me that in order to get port 25 so it will come into my server I need a business line. This was a downer but I was really excited about the 6MB of bandwidth so I said OK take my line up to a business class even though I am in a residential neighborhood providing my own email to friends and family (yeah sucks I know).

Well long story short they could never get it working and I had family members mad at me about their email so I went back to Earthlinks 3MB because they do not offer anything higher. Thank goodness too because I would have been paying $100 a month in an economy where we need to save.

ATT is not smart by placing restrictions on their residential service and now they proved that switching to them is a hassle. My advice is stay with who you have.

I will not go to them unless I have it in writing that port/services will not be filtered.

Please create an account and tell me what you think about ATT. Thanks.